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1. A Bengal atlas [Texto impreso] : containing maps of the theatre of war and commerce on that side of Hindoostan...

Rennell, James -  Libro -  1781

2. A brief account of the island es Antigua... [Texto impreso] : customs and menners of its inhabitants... statement of the food, cleathing... In letters te a friend written in... 1786, 1787, 1788

Luffman, John -  Libro -  1789

3. A compleat system of general geography [Texto impreso] : explaining the nature and properties of the Earth...

Varenius, Bernhardus -  Libro -  1733

4. A complete epitome of practical navigation [Texto impreso] : containing all necessary instruction for keeping a ship's reckoning at sea : With the most approved methods of ascertaining the latitude by meridian, single, or double, altitudes and the longitude by cronometers, or lunar observations, including a journal of a voyage from London to Madeira

Norie, J.W. -  Libro -  1848

5. A complete Geographical Dictionary, or Universal Gazeteer of ancient and modern Geography [Texto impreso] : containing a full, particular and accurate description of the hnown World, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America...

Seally, John -  Libro -  1787

6. A complete systeme of Geography... of the Known, world... [Texto impreso] : The whole Illustrated with seventy maps...

Bowen, Emanuel -  Libro -  1747

7. A corner of Spain [Texto impreso]

Harris, Miriam Coles -  Libro -  1898

8. A description of the Maritime parts of France, containing A Particular Account of all the Fortified Towns, Forts, Harbours, Bays, and Rivers ... [Texto impreso] : illustrated with Charts of the Sea Coast, and Plans of all the Fortified Places on it ...

Jefferys, Thomas -  Libro -  1774

9. A description of the Spanish Island and Settlements on the coast of the West Indies [Texto impreso] : compiled from authentic Memoirs... With... maps...

-  Libro -  1762

10. A Description of the Spanish Island and Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies [Texto impreso] : compiled from authentic Memoirs, Revised by Gentlemen... and Illustrated With Thirty two Maps and Plans...

-  Libro -  1774

11. A dictionary of place names giving their derivations [Texto impreso]

Blackie, C. -  Libro -  1887

12. A Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar; exhibiting the present state of the world... [Texto impreso]

Guthrie, William -  Libro -  1827

13. A handbook for travellers in Spain

Ford, Richard -  Libro -  1882

14. A hand book for travellers in Spain

Ford, Richard -  Libro -  1855

15. A hand book for travellers in Spain

Ford, Richard -  Libro -  1878

16. A history of naval architecture [Texto impreso] : to which is prefixed, an introductory dissertation on the application of mathematical science to the art of naval construction...

Fincham, John -  Libro -  1851

18. A List of editions of Ptolemy's Geography 1475 1730 [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1886

19. A new and accurate description of all the direct and principal cross roads in England and Wales [Texto impreso]

Paterson, Daniel -  Libro -  1786

21. A new and easy guide to the use of the globes, and the rudiments of Geography... [Texto impreso] : Illustrated with ten plates and maps. To the whole are subjoined two appendices...

Fenning, Daniel -  Libro -  1804

22. A new geographical and historical grammar [Texto impreso]

Salmon, Thomas -  Libro -  1754

24. A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar, and Present State of the serveral Kingdoms of the World ... [Texto impreso] : Illustrated with a new and correct set of maps

Guthrie, William -  Libro -  1771

25. A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar; and Present State of the several Kingdoms of the World ... [Texto impreso]

Guthrie, William -  Libro -  1777

26. A new system of modern geography or a geographical historical, and commercial grammar [Texto impreso]

Guthrie, William -  Libro -  1788

27. A new system of modern Geography, or a geographical, historical and commercial grammar ; and present state of the several kingdoms of the world [Texto impreso]

Guthrie, William -  Libro -  1782

28. A picture of the Isle of Wight [Texto impreso] : Delineated upon the spot, in the year 1793

Wyndham, Henry Penruddocke -  Libro -  1794

29. A summer holiday in Spain [Texto impreso] : being a series of descriptive letters of ancient cities and scenery of Spain, and of life, manners, and customs of Spaniards

Stone, J. B. -  Libro -  1870

30. A survey of the lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire [Texto impreso] : Together with an account historical... of the adjacent country...

Clarke, James Land-Surveyor -  Libro -  1789

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