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1. A companion to the ball room [Música notada] : containing a choice collection of the most original and admired country dances, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, and quadrills, &, & with approptiate figures to each, the etiquette and a dissertation on the state of the ball room

Wilson, Thomas -  Música impresa -  1820?

2. A description of the correct method of waltzing Part I containing a correct explanatory description of the several movements and attitudes in German and French waltzing [Texto impreso] : the truly fashionable species of dancing that, from the graceful and pleasing Beauty of its movements, has ebtained an ascendancy over every other department of that Polite Branch of Education

Wilson, Thomas -  Libro -  1816

3. An analysis of country dancing, wherein all the figures used in that polite amusement are rendered familiar by engraved lines [Texto impreso] : containing also, directions for composing almost any number of figures to one tune, with some entire new reels together with the complete etiquette of the ball room

Wilson, Thomas -  Libro -  1811

4. The quadrille instructor [Música notada] : containing directions for dancing a variety of new quadrilles as ontroduced at the Assemblies of the nobility and also at the author's balls & emsembles, the figures described in French and English, clearly illustrated by diagrams sheuring the various situations & evolutions of each verson in the dance with the appropriate steps and the time

Wilson, Thomas -  Música impresa -  1821?

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