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1. He Kainé Diatheké [Texto impreso] : the Greek Testament with English notes, critical, philological and exegetical ...

-  Libro -  1837

2. Rudimental divine science = La divina ciencia rudimental ; No and Yes = No y si

Eddy, Mary Baker -  Libro -  1908

3. Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism [Texto impreso]

Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish -  Libro -  1916

4. Essays to do good [Texto impreso] : addressed to all Christians, whether in public or private capacities

Cotton Mather -  Libro -  ?

5. Alfabeto christiano [Texto impreso]

Valdés, Juan de -  Libro -  1861

6. Diabolos & Sahtahn, or an examination of a recent tract entitled "An inquiry into the existence of a personal devil" [Texto impreso]

Linnell, J. Jun. -  Libro -  1851

7. Dealings with the Inquisition or Papal Rome, her priests and her jesuits [Texto impreso] : with important disclosures

Achilli, Giacinto -  Libro -  1851

8. Calmet's dictionary of the Holy Bible, with the biblical fragments [Texto impreso]

Calmet, Augustin -  Libro -  1841

9. A letter to the Minister of Silver Street Chapel Taunton, in reply to his recent lecture against the Pre Millennial advent of the Lord [Texto impreso]

Newton, Benjamin Wills -  Libro -  ?

10. Moses, the child of faitn [Texto impreso]

Newton, Benjamin Wills -  Libro -  1851

11. Hints for an improved translation of the New Testament [Texto impreso]

Scholefield, James -  Libro -  1832

12. Collectitia, or, pieces, religions, moral, & miscellaneous [Texto impreso] : adapted to The Society of Friends : volume first

Libro -  1824

14. The memorable works of a son of thunder and consolation ... Edward Burroughs [Texto impreso]

Burrough, Edward -  Libro -  1672

15. El Nuevo Testamento [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1849

16. An analytical and comparative view of all religions now extant among mankind [Texto impreso] : with their internal diversities of creed and profession

Conder, Josiah -  Libro -  1838

17. The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed : translated into English immediately from the original Arabic, with explanatory notes, taken from the most approved commentators, to which is prefixed a preliminary discourse by George Sale

-  Libro -  1850

18. Cory's inquiries [Texto impreso]

Cory, Isaac Preston -  Libro -  entre 1833 y 1837

19. The four witnesses [Texto impreso] : being a harmony of the Gospels on a new principle

Costa, Isaac da -  Libro -  1851

20. An amended translation of the Epistle to the Hebrews [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1847

21. The office of Holy Week, according to the Roman Missal and Breviary : preceded by an explanation of its ceremonies and observances : to which are annexed pious reflections, &c. for every day in Holy Week, on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Crasset, Jean -  Libro -  1839

22. Cruden's concordance to the Bible [Texto impreso] : wherein all the words used through the Sacred Scriptures are alphabetically arranged with reference to the various places where they occur. The former three alphabets are here arranged in one, embracing every passage of Scripture contained in the quarto editions.

Cruden, Alexandes -  Libro -  1833

23. A series of discourses on practical and doctrinal subjects. Second series [Texto impreso]

Dow, William -  Libro -  1850

24. The voice of the Bible hawker [Texto impreso]

Félice, Guillaume Adam de -  Libro -  1847

25. Fragments touching the divine life, for sinners and saints (inclusive) [Texto impreso]

Crisp, Stephen -  Libro -  1858

26. A glimpse of light for some who think they walk in darkness, and have no light, showing how "the light shineth in darkness, though the darkness comprehendeth it not" [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1857

27. An exposition of the Old and New Testament . Vol. III [Texto impreso] : wherein each chapter is summed up in its contents, the sacred text inserted ... with practical remarks and observations

Henry, Matthew -  Libro -  1848

28. The history and life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler of Strasbourg [Texto impreso] : with twenty five of his sermons (temp. 1340)

Tauler, Johannes -  Libro -  1857

29. The conciliator of R. Manasseh ben Israel [Texto impreso] : a reconcilement of the apparent contradictions in Holy Scripture, to which are added explanatory notes, and biographical notices of the quoted authorities

Menasseh ben Joseph ben Israel -  Libro -  1842

30. The life of Jesus Christ in its historical connexion and historical developement [Texto impreso]

Neander, August -  Libro -  1848

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