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1. Bioplasm [Texto impreso] : an introduction to the study of phisiology & medicine

Beale, Lionel Smith -  Libro -  1872

2. Cornish's Grand Junction and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Companion, containing an account of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester and all the towns on or near the line

Libro -  1837

3. Mogg's handbook for railway travellers or real iron road book [Texto impreso] : being an entirely original and accurate description of all the travellable railways hitherto completed ...

Mogg, Edward -  Libro -  1840

4. The opium trade in China [Texto impreso]

Johnston, James -  Libro -  1858

5. A dictionary of the art of printing [Texto impreso]

Savage, William -  Libro -  1841

6. Specimens of the types commonly used in Moye's Printing Office [Texto impreso]

Moyes, James -  Libro -  1834

7. Diccionario marítimo inglés español y vocabulario marítimo español inglés : obra útil para las marinas Militar y Mercante, cónsules, armadores, consignatarios, maquinistas navales, agentes comerciales, sociedades de seguros, etc., etc.

Terry y Rivas, Antonio -  Libro -  1896

8. Proyecto de una nueva vía de comunicación entre Bolivia y el Oceano Pacífico [Texto impreso]

Aramayo, Avelino -  Libro -  1863

9. General and descriptive catalogue of philosophical apparatus, chemicals, etc. etc. manufactured and sold by Horne, Thornthwaite and Wood [Texto impreso] : illustrated with upwards of five hundred engravings on wood

Horne, Thornthwaite and Wood -  Libro -  1848

10. Título de propiedad de los minerales de la región aurífera de Tacuarembó y de la zona cuprífera de Yucutujá del departamento del Salto de don Clemente Barrial Posada [Texto impreso] : e historia (comprobada científica y judicialmente) de la riqueza y trabajos realizados en bien de la región y zona aludidas

Barrial Posada, Clemente -  Libro -  1890

11. A brief disquisition concerning the early history of printing in America [Texto impreso]

Barlow, Samuel Latham Mitchill -  Libro -  1866

12. Report of J.J. Williams, chief engineer, upon the location of the Tehuantepec railway ... [Texto impreso] : and his report on the subject of a ship canal

Williams, J. J. -  Libro -  1870

13. Journal of a recent visit to the principal vineyards of Spain and France [Texto impreso] : with some remarks on the very limited quantity of the fines wines ... an attempt to calculate the profits of cultivating the vine ... together wiht observations relative to the introduction of the vine New South Wales

Busby, James -  Libro -  1834

14. Medical and topographical observations upon the Mediterranean, and upon Portugal, Spain and other countries

Horner, G. R. B. -  Libro -  1839

15. The author’s printing and publishing assistant [Texto impreso] : comprising explanations of the process of printing preparation and calculation of manuscripts, punctuation, choice of paper, type binding, illustrations, publishing, advertising, &c., with an exemplification and description of the typographical marks used in the correction of the press

Libro -  1852

16. Papers and documents relating to the Bolivian loan, the National Bolivian Navigation Company and the Madeira and Mamoré Railway Company Limited [Texto impreso] : including paper on Bolivia and Brazil in the Amazon Valley, various engineering reports, loan documents, etc.

Libro -  1873

17. Translation of the mining law and regulations in force in the Philippines [Texto impreso]

Filipinas -  Libro -  1900

18. Pacific coast [Texto impreso] : coast pilot of California, Oregon, and Washington Territory

Davidson, George -  Libro -  1869

19. La canalización de la Pampa Central de la República Argentina [Texto impreso]

Costa, Ángel Floro -  Libro -  1897

20. A dictionary of arts, manufactures, and mines [Texto impreso] : containing a clear exposition of their principles and practice

Ure, Andrew -  Libro -  1840

21. Sanitary inquiry, Scotland [Texto impreso] : reports on the sanitary condition of the labouring population of Scotland, in consequence of an inquiry directed to be made by the Poor Law Commissioners.

Libro -  1842

22. The anatomist's vade mecum [Texto impreso] : a system of human anatomy

Wilson, William James Erasmus -  Libro -  1840

23. The anatomical exercises of Dr. William Harvey ... concerning the motion of the heart and blood [Texto impreso]

Harvey, William -  Libro -  1673

24. The physician's vademecum or a manual of the principles and practice of physic [Texto impreso] : containing the institutions of medicine, the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of diseases, with a select collection of formulae

Hooper, Robert -  Libro -  1837

25. Facts about sherry [Texto impreso] : gleaned in the vineyards and bodegas of the Jerez, Seville, Moguer & Montilla districts during the autumn of 1875 : with numerous illustrations from original photographs and sketches

Vizetelly, Henry -  Libro -  1876

26. The principles of surgery [Texto impreso]

Syme, James -  Libro -  1837

27. Report to her Majesty's principal secretary of state for the home department from the poor law commissioners, on an inquiry into the sanitary condition of the labouring population of Great Britain [Texto impreso] : with appendices...

Libro -  1842

28. On man's power over himself to prevent or control insanity [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1849

29. Memoranda for practitioners in midwifery [Texto impreso]

Rigby, Edward -  Libro -  1840

30. Mesmerism and its opponents [Texto impreso]

Sandby, George -  Libro -  1848

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