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1. Hippolytus and his age or The doctrine and practice of the church of Rome [Texto impreso] : under Commodus and Alexander Severus : and ancient and modern christianity and divinity compared

Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias -  Libro -  1852

2. Outlines of the philosophy of universal history, applied to language and religion [Texto impreso]

Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias -  Libro -  1854

3. Three linguistic dissertations read at the meeting of the British Association in Oxford

-  Libro -  1848

4. The constitution of the Church of the future [Texto impreso] : a practical explanation of the correspondence with the right honourable William Gladstone on the German Church ... with a preface, notes, and the complete correspondence

Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias -  Libro -  1847

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