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1. A collection of the works of ... Thomas Chalkley [Texto impreso] : who departed this life in the Island of Tortola, the Fourth Day of the Ninth Month, 1741 : to which in prefixed A journal of his life, travels and Christian experiences

Chalkley, Thomas -  Libro -  1791

2. A journal of the life, travels, and labours in the work of the Ministry of John Griffith [Texto impreso]

Griffith, John -  Libro -  1779

3. Persecution exposed, in some memoirs relating to the sufferings of John Whiting and many others of the people called Quakers, for conscience sake, in the West of England, &c. [Texto impreso] : with memoirs of many eminent friends deceased ... and continued down to the year 1696

Whiting, John -  Libro -  1791

4. The design of Christianity, with other Books, Epistles, and Manuscripts, of that Ancient Faithful Servant of Christ Jesus [Texto impreso]

Crook, John -  Libro -  1791

5. A Map of the State of Pennsylvania [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1792

6. A journal of ther life, trauels, and gospel labours, of that faithful seruant and Minister of Christ [Texto impreso]

Scott, Job -  Libro -  1798

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