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1. To the Society of Managing Owners of the Ships in the English East India Company's Service, This Chart of the China Sea, Including the Philippina Molluca and Banda Islands, Shewing al the same time all the Tracks into the Pacific Ocean, commonly known by the name of the Eastern Passage to China [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1791

2. This Chart of Dampier and Pitts Straits Laid down from Observations on the Spot [Material cartográfico] : Corrected with Capt. Wm. Frassers shore Stations is Inscribed by Permission to the East India Comanders London

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1788

3. A Chart of the Passage along the West Coast of Borneo [Material cartográfico] : Including those Islands only that were seen by the Fleet in 1781

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1788

4. This Chart of the Banca, Gasper & Clements Straits is Inscribed by Permission to the Society of East India Commanders London [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1750 y 1800?

5. A Chart of the China Seas [Material cartográfico] : Containing the Coast of Tsiompa, Cochin China, Tonquin, Part of ghe Coast of China, the Philippine Islands, &c.

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1791

6. Chart of the Strait of Allass [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1782

7. Chart of Clements Strait to the West of Billiton [Material cartográfico] With the Track of the Fleet of Indiamen under the command of Capt. John Clements 1781

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1781 y 1786

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