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1. A Chart of the Antilles, or, Charibbee, or, Caribs Islands, with The Virgin Isles [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1784

2. A chart of the Bahama Banks, with the Adjacent Islands [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1787

3. A Chart of the Bay or Harbour of Rio Janeiro in South America [Material cartográfico] : According to the Latest Observations

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1800 y 1850

4. A Chart of Channel Creek from George's Point to the sea [Material cartográfico] : Survey'd by Benjamin Lacam at different periods between the Years 1770 and 1780, Including The Middle and Eastern Channels of Hoogly River and the Crossing Track which is now universally followed. Survey'd by John Ritchie Marine Surveyor to the Honble. the East India Company in 1781 and 1783

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1770 y 1794

5. A Chart of the Coast of India, from Goa to Cape Comorin Exhibiting The Coast of Canara and Malabar... [Material cartográfico] : with the Lake Divas Islands and the Channels of Eight and Nine Degrees

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

6. A Chart of the China Seas [Material cartográfico] : Containing the Coast of Tsiompa, Cochin China, Tonquin, Part of ghe Coast of China, the Philippine Islands, &c.

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1791

7. A Chart of the China Sea [Material cartográfico] : Inscribed to Monsr. D'Aprés de Mannevillette the ingenious Author of the Neptune Oriental : As a Trubute due to his Labours for the benefit of Navigation and in acknowledgement of his many signal Favours to ADalrymple

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1771

8. A Chart of the China Sea and Philippine Islands with the Archipielagos of Felicia and Soloo [Material cartográfico] : Shewing the whole Tract comprized, between Canton and Balambangan, with the Soundings, Shoals, Rocks &ca.

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

9. A Chart of the China Sea from the Island of Sanciam to Pedrabranca [Material cartográfico] : with the Course of the River Tigris from Canton to Macao

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1750 y 1800?

10. A Chart of the Eastermost Part of the East Indies from the Island Zeolan to Amoy in China [Material cartográfico] : the Island Zeolan to Amoy in China with the adjacent Island : Adjusted according to the most accurate Astonomical

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1750 y 1800?

11. A Chart of the English Trading Part of the Bay of Honduras [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1791

12. A Chart of the Great Bay, Back Bay and Harbour of Trincomalay on the Island Zeloan [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1790

13. A Chart of the Gulf of Florida or New Bahama Channel, Commonly called the Gulf Passage, Between Florida, the Isle of Cuba & the Bahama Islands [Material cartográfico] : From the Journals, Observations, and Draughts of Mr. Chas. Roberts, Master in the Rl. Navy, Compared with the Surveys of Mr. George Gauld &ca.

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

14. A Chart of Mouths of Hoogly River, and of the Roads of Balasore and Piply [Material cartográfico] : From Point Palmiras to Lacam's Channel with the Course of that River up to the Town of Hoogly

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

15. A Chart of New Harbour in Bengal [Material cartográfico] : whit the Navigation to Sea, and the track of the vessels employed on that Survey in 1788 whit the depths of Water taken on Board the Russell in the presence of Captain John Blyth, one of the Commissioners appointed by the Right Honorable Earl Cornwalis Governor General &c. &c. &c.

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

16. A Chart of the Nicobar Islands and other Islands situated to the NNW and to the Northward of them as for as Ten Degrees North Latitude [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1790

17. A Chart of the Northern Part of the China Sea [Material cartográfico] : shewing the Passage from Formosa to Japan with the Eastern Coast of China and the Lekeyo Islands

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1752

18. A Chart of Palk's Straits and Bay whit the Coast [Material cartográfico] : from Negapatnam to Kilkare and the opposite Coast of Ceylon

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1783

19. A Chart of part of the Coast of China and The adjacent Island [Material cartográfico] : from Pedro Blanco to the Mizen

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1759 y 1771

20. A Chart of the River Plate from the Bay of Castillos to Santa Fe [Material cartográfico] : Done from the Latest & Best Discoveries by ye order of ye Honble. South Sea Company

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1736?

21. A Chart of the Seas between the Straits of Banca and P°. Timon with the Eastern Part of the Straits of Malacca [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1790

22. A Chart of the South Coast of Haynan [Material cartográfico] : from Tinhosa to Guichou survey'd in 1776 and 77

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1777

23. A Chart of the Southern Extremity of America 1775 [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1777

24. A Chart of the Windward Passage betwees [sic] the Islands of Jamaica Hispaniola and Cuba with the other Passages to the Northward of Hispaniola [Material cartográfico] : From the Journals, Observations and Draughts of Mr. Chas. Roberts, Master in the Rl. Navy, Compared with the Pilote de l'Isle de St. Domingue of M. de Chastenet Puysegur 1787, & with the Description des Bouquements of M. Bellin 1768

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1795

25. A Chart of the Windward Passage Including Jamaica Hispaniola and Part of Cuba [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1730?

26. A Chart shewing all the Passages and Channels into the Harbour of Chussan on the Coast of China [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1788

27. A Correct Chart of the River and Bay of Nagore [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1779 y 1785

28. A Correct Map and Chart of the Peninsula of India done from the Plans & Journals deposited in the Marine Office for the Use of the French King's Ships [Material cartográfico] : by Order of the Duke de Praslin Superintendant of the Marine in 1766

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1766

29. A Draught of the Windward Coast, of the Mosquito Shore [Material cartográfico] : From Point Pattuck, to St. Ihons, and Continued on the Spanish Main to Escuda Veragua, with the Islands, Keys, Shoals Adjacent

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1764 y 1773?

30. A Draugth of the NE. Part of the Bassas de Chagos [Material cartográfico] : Lat. 4° 52'S. Taken on board the Ship Speaker Capt. James Dewar 1763

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1763 y 1784

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