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1. Duo art piano music [Texto impreso] : a supplementary catolog of expert interpretations of modern dances and other popular music recorded for the dua art reproducing piano

The Æolian Company -  Libro -  1927

2. Catálogo de rollos Aeolian [Texto impreso] : 88 notas : del Servicio de Abonos

The Æolian Company -  Libro -  1928?

3. Catalogue of full scale music rolls for the duo art "pianola" piano [Texto impreso] : containing all "duo art" music rolls issued to and including December, 1928

The Æolian Company -  Libro -  1929

4. Duo Art piano music [Texto impreso] : a classified catalog of interpretations of the world's best music recorded by more than two hundred and fifty pianist for the Duo Art reproducing piano The Aeolian company

The Æolian Company -  Libro -  1927

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