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1. A brief discourse of the troubles begun at Frankfort in the year 1554, about the Book of common prayer and ceremonies [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1846

2. A catechism and confession of faith [Texto impreso]

Barclay, Robert -  Libro -  1837

3. A catechism of religious faith and practice [Texto impreso] : also a few questions relative to the views of the Society of friends; concerning some Christian precepts

-  Libro -  1839

4. A Catechism written in Latin by Alexander Nowell, Dean of St Paul's [Texto impreso] ; together with the same Catechism translated into English by Thomas Norton

Nowell, Alexander -  Libro -  1853

5. A collection of hymns, for the use of the people called Methodists [Texto impreso] : with a supplement

Wesley, John -  Libro -  1833

6. A collection of the several wrightings of that true prophet, faithful servant of God and sufferer for the testimony of Jesus [Texto impreso]

Bayly, William -  Libro -  1676

7. A collection of sundry books, epistle and papers [Texto impreso]

Naylor, James -  Libro -  1716

8. A collection of Tracts, on various subjects [Texto impreso]

Chubb, Thomas -  Libro -  1730

9. A commentary on the Apocalypse [Texto impreso]

Stuart, Moses -  Libro -  1850

10. A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews [Texto impreso]

Stuart, Moses -  Libro -  1851

11. A compendious ecclesiastical history, from the earliest period to the present time [Texto impreso] : with a preface and notes by an american editor

Palmer, William -  Libro -  1842

12. A critical commentary and paraphrase on the Old and New Testament and the apocrypha. Vol. IV [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1842

13. A discouery and playne declaration of sundry subtill practises of the Holy Inquisition of Spayne [Texto impreso] : certaine speciall examples set aparte by them selues ... wherein a man may see the forsaid practises of the Inquisition, as they be practised and exercised, very liuely described

González de Montes, R. -  Libro -  1569

14. A discourse of the liberty of prophesying [Texto impreso]: shewing the unreasonableness of prescribing to other men's faith; and the iniquity of persecuting differing opinions

Taylor, Jeremy -  Libro -  1834

15. A la exaltacion del Exmo. Sr. D. Antonio Despuig y Dameto a la santa Iglesia Metropolitana de Sevilla [Texto impreso] : silva

Arjona, Manuel María de -  Libro -  1796

16. A family prayer book and private manual [Texto impreso] : to which are added "Forms for religious sovieties and schools", with a collection of Hymns

Brooks, Charles -  Libro -  1843

17. A farther Illustration of the Analysis in answer to some foreign observations [Texto impreso]

Bryant, Jacob -  Libro -  1778

18. A full Christ for empty sinners [Texto impreso]

Romaine, William -  Libro -  entre 1840 y 1849?

19. A glimpse of light for some who think they walk in darkness, and have no light, showing how "the light shineth in darkness, though the darkness comprehendeth it not" [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1857