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1. Some questions and answers for the direction, comfort, help and furtherance of God's spiritual Israel, in their travels through the spiritual wilderness, to spiritual Canaan [Texto impreso] : to which is added, a serious address, to all such as complain that they want power to yield subjection to what of God is made manifest in them

Penington, Isaac -  Libro -  1798

2. History of latin christianity [Texto impreso] : including that of the popes to the pontificate of Nicolas V

Milman, Henry Hart -  Libro -  entre 1854 y 1855

3. A light shining out of darkness, or occasional queries submitted to the Judgment of such as would enquire into the true state of things in our times ... [Texto impreso] : with a brief apology for the Quakers, that they are not inconsistent with magistracy

Stubbe, Henry -  Libro -  1699

4. Three letters concerning the present state of Italy written in the Year 1687 [Texto impreso] : being a supplement to Dr. Burnet's letters

Burnet, Gilbert -  Libro -  1688

5. The Spirit of the Martyrs is risen, and the spirit of the old Persecuter is risen and manifest ... [Texto impreso]

Hookes, Ellis -  Libro -  1665

6. Discourses concerning the truth of the Christian Religion [Texto impreso] : and remarks on Ecclesiastical History

Jortin, John -  Libro -  1805

7. The history of the Christian Church, from the birth of Christ to the eighteenth century [Texto impreso] : including tho very intererting account of the Albigenses and Waldenses...

Jones, William -  Libro -  1818

8. A compendious ecclesiastical history, from the earliest period to the present time [Texto impreso] : with a preface and notes by an american editor

Palmer, William -  Libro -  1842

9. Text book of ecclesiastical history [Texto impreso]

Gieseler, Johann Carl Ludwig -  Libro -  1836

10. Institutes of ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern [Texto impreso]

Mosheim, Johann Lorenz von -  Libro -  1845

11. A Master key to Popery in five parts ... [Texto impreso]

Gavin, Antonio -  Libro -  entre 1725 y 1726

12. The ecclesiastical history of Eusebius Pamphilus [Texto impreso]

Eusebio -  Libro -  1851

13. Ecclesiastical researches [Texto impreso]

Robinson, Robert -  Libro -  1792

14. The history of the christian religion and church during the three first centuries [Texto impreso]

Neander, August -  Libro -  entre 1841 y 1842

15. A history of the Church [Texto impreso] : from A. D. 322 to the death of Theodore of Mopsuestia, A. D. 427

Teodoreto de Ciro -  Libro -  1854

16. Christian researches in Asia [Texto impreso] : with notices of the translation of the Scriptures into the Oriental Languages ...

Buchanan, Claudius -  Libro -  1812

17. A history of the Church from the earliest ages to the Reformation [Texto impreso]

Waddington, George -  Libro -  1835

18. History of the progress and suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the sixteenth centwry [Texto impreso]

Mac Crie, Thomas -  Libro -  1829

19. Wycklyffes Wycket [Texto impreso]

Wycliffe, John -  Libro -  1828

20. Historical sketch of the rise, progress, and decline of the Reformation in Poland, and of the influence which the Scriptural Doctrines have exercised on that country in literary, moral and political respects [Texto impreso]

Krasinski, Valerian -  Libro -  entre 1838 y 1840

21. The Cause of the Widows & Fatherless [Texto impreso] : pleaded with the judges and magistrates of England ...

Rudyard, Thomas -  Libro -  1665

22. The latin church during Anglo Saxon times [Texto impreso]

Soames, Henry -  Libro -  1848

23. The acts and monuments of John Foxe [Texto impreso] : a new and complete edition

Foxe, John -  Libro -  entre 1837 y 1841

24. History of the Protestant Church in Hungary, from the beginning of the reformation to 1850, with reference also to Transylvania [Texto impreso]

Bauhofer, János György -  Libro -  1854

25. All the familiar Colloquies of Desiderius Erasmus, of Roterdam [Texto impreso] : concerning Men, Manners, and Things

Erasmus, Desiderius -  Libro -  1733

26. A discouery and playne declaration of sundry subtill practises of the Holy Inquisition of Spayne [Texto impreso] : certaine speciall examples set aparte by them selues ... wherein a man may see the forsaid practises of the Inquisition, as they be practised and exercised, very liuely described

González de Montes, R. -  Libro -  1569

27. Memoires of the life and death of Sir Edmondbury Godfrey, late Justice of the Peace for Middlesex who was barbarously murthered by the Papists, upon the first discovery of the Horrid Plot... [Texto impreso]

Tuke, Richard -  Libro -  1682

28. The letters of the martyrs [Texto impreso] : collected and published in 1564

-  Libro -  1837

30. The reform of England by the decrees of Cardinal Pole, Legate of the Apostolic See, promulgated in the year of Grace 1556 [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1839

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