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1. [Augusta, Princesa de Gales]

Anónimo -  Dibujos, grabados y fotografías -  1751

2. The life of Servetus [Texto impreso]

Chauffepie, Jacques Georges -  Libro -  1771

3. The new and complete dictionary of the English language ... [Texto impreso] : to which is prefixed, a comprehensive Grammar

Ash, John -  Libro -  1775

4. Observations on a journey, through Spain and Italy to Naples, and thence to Smyrna and Constantinople [Texto impreso] : comprising a description of the principal places in that route and remarks on the present natural and political state of those countries : vol. I [ II]

Semple, Robert -  Libro -  1807

5. Junius including letters by the same writer, under other signatures, (now first collected.) [Texto impreso] : to which are added, his confidential correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, and his private letters addressed to Mr. H.S. Woodfall ; with a preliminary essay, notes, fac similes, &c. ; in three volumes, Vol. I [ III]

Junius -  Libro -  1814

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