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1. A Chart of the China Sea from the Island of Sanciam to Pedrabranca [Material cartográfico] : with the Course of the River Tigris from Canton to Macao

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1750 y 1800?

2. A New Chart of the China Sea with its several entrances [Material cartográfico] : Drawn from a Great Number of Draughts Journals, and other Nautical Documents, Regulated by Astronomical Observations

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

3. Plan of Shitoe Bay [Material cartográfico] : on the Island St. Johns on the South Coast of China

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1786

4. Plan of the Warren Hasting's Track to the East of Banka [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1788 y 1789

5. Chart of the Southern Coast of the Islands between St. Johns and the Ladrone [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1786

6. A New chart of the Straits of Macassar [Material cartográfico] : Between the Islands of Borneo and Celebes with the Adjacent Seas

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

7. Chart of Part of the Coast of Borneo [Material cartográfico] : with the Track of the Ship Henry Dundas

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1790 y 1795

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