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1. A reformed catholike, or, A declaration shewing how neere we may come to the present [Texto impreso] : Church of Rome in fundrie points of religion, and wherein we must for euer depart from them, with an advertisment to all fauourers of the Romane religion, shewing that the said religion is against the Catholike princpiples and grounds of the Catechisme

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1598

2. A reformed catholike, or a declaration shewing how neere we may come to the prefent Church of Rome in fundry points of religion ... [Texto impreso]

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

3. A Warning against the idolatrie of the last times and An instruction touching religious or diuine worship [Texto impreso]

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

4. A treatise tending vnto a declaration [Texto impreso] : whether a man be in the estate of damnation, or in the estate of grace ...

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

5. The foundation of christian religion gathered into sixe principles [Texto impreso] : and it is to be laerned of ignorant people ...

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1621

6. A case of conscience, the greatest thateuer was : how a man may know whether he be the child of God or no ...

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

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