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1. The Canarian, or Book of the conquest and conversion of the Canarians in the year 1402 by messire Jean de Bethencourt ... [Texto impreso]

Bontier, Pierre -  Libro -  1872

2. The true date of english discovery of the american continent under John and Sebastian Cabot [Texto impreso]

Major, Richard Henry -  Libro -  1870

3. The voyages of the Venetian brothers Nicolò & Antonio Zeno, to the Northern Seas, in the XIVth century, comprising the latest known accounts of the lost colony of Greenland and of the northern in America before Columbus [Texto impreso]

Major, Richard Henry -  Libro -  1873

4. Select letters of Christopher Columbus [Texto impreso] : with other original documents relating to his four voyages to the New World

Colón, Cristóbal -  Libro -  1870

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