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1. A jesuit saint, St. Francis Xavier [Texto impreso] : first Romish missionary to India

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1852

2. A jesuit doctor, James Laynez [Texto impreso] : a leading theologian and general of the company

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1852

3. A jesuit mandarin, John Adam Schall [Texto impreso] : otherwise Tam Yo Vam, a famous astronomer in China

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1853

4. A jesuit refugee, Gabriel Gruber [Texto impreso] : General of the Company when it was revived in Russia, after having been proscribed in all other countries

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1853

5. A jesuit cardinal, Robert Bellarmine [Texto impreso] : prince of papal controversialists

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1873

6. The Brand of Dominic: or, Inquisition; at Rome “Supreme and Universal” [Texto impreso]

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1852

7. Memoir of a mission to Gibraltar and Spain [Texto impreso] : with collateral notices of events favouring religions liberty and of the decline of Romish power in that country, from the beginning of this century to the year 1842

Rule, William Harris -  Libro -  1844

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