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9811. Present Spain and Portugal [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1783?

9812. [Espejo de chimenea] [Material gráfico]

Johnson, Thomas -  Dibujos, grabados y fotografías -  entre 1755 y 1765?

9813. The suruey of popery [Texto impreso] : vvherein the reader may cleerely behold, not onely the originall and daily incrementes of Papistrie, with an euident Confutation of the same, but also a succinct and profitable enarration of the state of Gods Church from Adam vntill Christs ascension, contained in the first and second Part thereof, and throughout the third Part Poperie is turned vp side downe

Bell, Thomas -  Libro -  1596

9814. The witnesses in Sackcloth or a descriptive account of the attack made upon the reformed churches of France in the seventeenth century [Texto impreso] : with a bibliographical and literary appendix including notices of the subsequent history of the French p4305otestants

Libro -  1852

9815. State churches and the Kingdom of Christ [Texto impreso] : an essay on the Establishment of Ministers forms and services of Religion by secular power and on its inconsistency with the free humbling, spiritual nature of the christian dispensation

Allen, John -  Libro -  1853

9816. [Retrato de Rafael Riego Nuñez] [Material gráfico]

Harland, T. W. -  Dibujos, grabados y fotografías -  1846?

9817. [Retrato de María Teresa Del Riego y del Riego] [Material gráfico]

Harland, T. W. -  Dibujos, grabados y fotografías -  1824

9818. A New General Chart of the West Indies From the latest Marine Journals and Surveys, Regulated Ascertained by Astronomical Observations [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

9819. A New and Complete Map of the West Indies [Material cartográfico] : Comprehending All the Coasts and Islands Known by that Name

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

9820. A New and Complete Map of the West Indies Comprehending All the Coasts and Islands Known by That Name [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1794

9821. A General Mercators Chart of the West Indies, The Gulph of Mexico, the Coast of Carolina, Virginia, and the Isles of America [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1740?

9822. History of the literature of ancient Greece, to the period of Isocrates [Texto impreso]

Müller, Karl Otfried -  Libro -  1847

9823. A Map of a Part of Yucatan, or of that Part of the Eastern Shore within the Bay of Honduras Alloted to Great Britain for the Cutting of Logwood, in consequence at the Convention Signed with Spain on the 14th. July 1786 [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  entre 1786 y 1787

9824. West Indies [Material cartográfico]

-  Material cartográfico impreso -  1823

9825. Aonian hours and other poems [Texto impreso]

Wiffen, Jeremiah Holmes -  Libro -  1820

9826. The Monthly magazine or British register

Prensa y Revistas -  Del n. 111 (1/2/1804) al n. 117 (28/7/1804)

9827. The War in Spain

Duff, Charles -  Prensa y Revistas -  Del n. 1 (22/1/1938) al n. 61 (18/3/1939)

9828. The Bookman (London)

Prensa y Revistas -  N. 161 (2/1905)

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