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1. The improvement of the mind [Texto impreso] : containing remarks and rules for the attainment and communication of useful knowledge in religion, the sciences, and in common life

Watts, Isaac -  Libro -  entre 1800 y 1899

2. Johnson's Dictionary of the English language in miniature [Texto impreso] : to which are added, an alphabetical account of the Heathen Deities, a list of the cities ... in England and Wales ...

Johnson, Samuel -  Libro -  1827

3. A Dictionary of the English Language [Texto impreso] : In which the Words are deduced from their Originals, and illustrated in their different significations by Examples from the best Writers To which are prefixed a History of the Language, and an English Grammar

Johnson, Samuel -  Libro -  1755

4. A Dictionary of the english language [Texto impreso] : to which is prefixed, A grammar of the english language. (in two volumes)

Johnson, Samuel -  Libro -  1760

5. A dictionary of the English language... to which are prefixed [Texto impreso] : A history of the language and An English grammar

Johnson, Samuel -  Libro -  1816

6. A dictionary of the English language [Texto impreso] : [Texto impreso] in which the words are deduced from their originals ... to which are prefixed a history of the language, and an English grammar

Johnson, Samuel -  Libro -  1840

7. The dramatic works of Shakspeare

Shakespeare, William -  Libro -  1824

8. The works... with an essay of his life and genius [Texto impreso]

Johnson, Samuel -  Libro -  1825

9. The works of Shakspeare [sic][Texto impreso]

Shakespeare, William -  Libro -  entre 1800 y 1845?

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