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1. Mighty lak'a rose [Grabación sonora]

Nevin, Ethelbert -  Registro sonoro musical -  1915

2. El Mesías. La gloria del Señor, He aquí el cordero de Dios

Handel, George Frideric -  Registro sonoro musical -  1930

3. Cradle song [Grabación sonora]

Nápravník, Eduard -  Registro sonoro musical -  1909

4. A picture of the Isle of Wight [Texto impreso] : Delineated upon the spot, in the year 1793

Wyndham, Henry Penruddocke -  Libro -  1794

5. Survey of the Russian Empire, according to its present newly regulated state, divided into different governments ... shewing their situation .. [Texto impreso]

Pleshcheev, Sergeĭ Ivanovich -  Libro -  1792

6. Practical and internal evidence against Catholicism [Texto impreso] : with occasional strictures on Mr. Butler's book of the Roman Catholic Church, in six letters : addressed to the impartial among the Roman Catholics of Great Britain and Ireland

Blanco White, José María -  Libro -  1826

7. The Idiot in four books [Texto impreso] : the first and second of wisdome, the third of the minde, the fourth of statick experiments or experimente of the ballance

Nicolás de Cusa -  Libro -  1650

8. A new system or An analysis of antient [sic] mythology ... [Texto impreso]

Bryant, Jacob -  Libro -  1807

9. Solomons Sermon of mans chief felicitie [Texto impreso] : called in hebrew Koheleth, in greeke and latin Ecclesiastes ; with a learned, godly, and familiar paraphrase vppon the same, gathered out of the Lectures of A. C. & now englished for the benefit of the vnlearned

-  Libro -  1586

10. A Theological Dialogue [Texto impreso] : wherin the Epistle of S. Paul the Apostle to the Romanes is expounded

Corro, Antonio del -  Libro -  1575

11. Sailing Directions for the Rivers Elbe and Weser, the island of Helegoland, etc. [Texto impreso]: intended to be used with Two Charts

-  Libro -  1796

12. The holy bible [Texto impreso] : containing the old and new testaments : translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligenty compared and revised by his majesty's special command

-  Libro -  1828

13. The sermon preached at the Crosse, feb. xiiij. 1607 [Texto impreso]

Crashaw, William -  Libro -  1608

14. The catalogue of our english writers on the Old and the New Testament, either in whole, or in part ... [Texto impreso] : corrected and elarged with three or four thousand additionals

-  Libro -  1668

15. Gibraltar [Material gráfico] : Park

Dibujos, grabados y fotografías -  entre 1880 y 1890?

16. A reformed catholike, or, A declaration shewing how neere we may come to the present [Texto impreso] : Church of Rome in fundrie points of religion, and wherein we must for euer depart from them, with an advertisment to all fauourers of the Romane religion, shewing that the said religion is against the Catholike princpiples and grounds of the Catechisme

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1598

17. A pocket dictionary of the spanish and english languages [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1823

18. German poetical anthology : preceded by a concise history of German poetry, and short notices of the authors selected

-  Libro -  1831

19. Catalogue of books for MDCCCXXXVII [Texto impreso] : part. V, historical literature containing an extensive assemblage of works relating to antiquies and numismatics, voyages and travels, foreign history and topography, English, Scothis and Irish history ... on sale ... by Thomas Rodd

Thomas Rodd (Firma) -  Libro -  1837

20. [Obras literarias de A. Dallas] [Manuscrito]

Dallas, Alexander Robert Charles -  Manuscrito -  entre 1801 y 1900?

21. A full, ample and puctual discouery of the barbarous, bloudy, and inhumane practises of the spanish Inquisition, against protestants ... [Texto impreso]

González de Montes, R. -  Libro -  1625

22. A reformed catholike, or a declaration shewing how neere we may come to the prefent Church of Rome in fundry points of religion ... [Texto impreso]

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

23. A Warning against the idolatrie of the last times and An instruction touching religious or diuine worship [Texto impreso]

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

24. A treatise tending vnto a declaration [Texto impreso] : whether a man be in the estate of damnation, or in the estate of grace ...

Perkins, William -  Libro -  1612

25. A martyrology of the churches of Christ, commonly called baptists, during the era of the Reformation [Texto impreso]

Braght, Thieleman J. van -  Libro -  1850

26. He Kainé Diatheké [Texto impreso] : the Greek Testament with English notes, critical, philological and exegetical ...

-  Libro -  1837

27. A letter to protestants converted from romanism [Texto impreso]

Blanco White, José María -  Libro -  1827

28. Hippolytus and his age or The doctrine and practice of the church of Rome [Texto impreso] : under Commodus and Alexander Severus : and ancient and modern christianity and divinity compared

Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias -  Libro -  1852

29. Observations on the popular antiquities of Great Britain [Texto impreso] : chiefly illustrating the origin of our vulgar and provincial customs, ceremonies and superstitions

Brand, John -  Libro -  1849

30. Music for the pianola and the Aeriol piano [Texto impreso]

The Orchestrelle Company -  Libro -  1901

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