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31. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the report of the naval court of inquiry upon the destruction of United States battle ship Maine in Havana harbor, february 15, 1898, together with the testimony taken before the Court

Estados Unidos. Presidente (1897–1901: William McKinley) -  Libro -  1898

32. A list of maps of America in the Library of Congress [Texto impreso] : preceded by a list of works relating to cartography

Library of Congress. Division of Maps and Charts -  Libro -  1901

33. History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, of Spain [Texto impreso]

Prescott, William Hickling -  Libro -  1842

34. The Republic of Uruguay, South America [Texto impreso] : its geography, history, rural industries, commerce, and general statistics

Libro -  1883

35. La República de El Salvador [Texto impreso] : (synopsis)

-  Libro -  1924

36. Rosas and the river Plate in a letter to the right honourable the Earl of Aberdeen... [Texto impreso]

A British Gentleman -  Libro -  1844

37. Diccionario jeográfico de la República de Chile [Texto impreso]

Solano Asta-Buruaga, Francisco -  Libro -  1867

38. Spanish public land laws (English translation) in the Philippine Islands and their history to August 13, 1898 [Texto impreso]

Filipinas (Capitanía General) -  Libro -  1901

39. Nicaragua [Texto impreso] its people, scenery, monuments, and the proposed interoceanic canal ...

Squier, Ephraim George -  Libro -  1856

40. The Anglo Spanish Portuguese Brazilian Spanish American directory of the United Kingdom [Texto impreso]

Tamini, Luis B. -  Libro -  1889

42. Wild life in Florida, with a visit to Cuba [Texto impreso]

Townshend, Frederick Trench -  Libro -  1875

43. Translation of the Code of commerce in force in Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines [Texto impreso] : amended by the law of June 10, 1897

-  Libro -  1899

44. Translation of the Penal code in force in Cuba and Porto Rico [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1900

45. Translation of the Law of civil procedure for Cuba and Porto Rico [Texto impreso] : with annotations, explanatory notes, and amendments made since the American occupation

-  Libro -  1901

46. Translation of the Penal Code in force in the Philippines [Texto impreso]

Filipinas -  Libro -  1900

47. Travels in Peru during the years 1838 1842 [Texto impreso] : on the coast, in the sierra, across the cordilleras and the Andes, into the primeval forests

Tschudi, J. J. von -  Libro -  1847

48. Cuba, with notices of Porto Rico and the slave trade [Texto impreso]

Turnbull, David -  Libro -  1840

49. Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equator [Texto impreso]

Whymper, Edward -  Libro -  1892

50. Bibliotheca mejicana [Texto impreso] : a catalogue of an extraordinary collection of books & manuscripts, almost wholly relating to the history and literature of North and South America, particularly Mexico

Puttick & Simpson (Firma) -  Libro -  1869

51. Full official history of the war with Spain [Texto impreso] : written over the wires in the discharge of public duty ...

Halstead, Murat -  Libro -  1899

52. Transatlanic sketches comprising visits to the most interesting scenes in North and South America and the West Indies, with notes on negro slavery and Canadian emigration [Texto impreso]

Alexander, James Edward -  Libro -  1833

53. Proyecto de una nueva vía de comunicación entre Bolivia y el Oceano Pacífico [Texto impreso]

Aramayo, Avelino -  Libro -  1863

54. Select letters of Christopher Columbus [Texto impreso] : with other original documents relating to his four voyages to the New World

Colón, Cristóbal -  Libro -  1870

55. Three years in California [Texto impreso]

Colton, Walter -  Libro -  1851

56. Informe que la Delegación de la República Argentina presenta a la Segunda Conferencia Pan Americana [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1901

57. Customs tariff of the Philippine archipielago [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1901

58. Three gringos in Venezuela and Central America [Texto impreso]by Richard Harding Davis

Davis, Richard Harding -  Libro -  1896

59. Letter of Hernando de Soto and memoir of Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda [Texto impreso]

Escalante Fontaneda, Hernando de -  Libro -  1854

60. A directory for the navigation of the Pacific Ocean [Texto impreso] : [Texto impreso] with descriptions of its coasts, islands, etc., from the strait of Magalhaens to the Arctic Sea, and those of Asia and Australia, its winds, currents and other phenomena

Findlay, Alexander G. -  Libro -  1851

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