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1. A Thousand miles' walk across South America [Texto impreso] : the Pampas and Andes

Bishop, Nathaniel H. -  Libro -  1869

3. Sketches of Bermuda

Lloyd, Susette Harriet -  Libro -  1835

4. A Catechism of the History of America [Texto impreso] : in tow parts ...

-  Libro -  entre 1826 y 1827

5. Breve apelación al honor y conciencia de la nación inglesa sobre la necesidad de una inmediata restitución de las embarcaciones españolas con caudales

-  Libro -  1805

6. The prophetic and historic records of the Mayas of Yucatan [Texto impreso]

Brinton, Daniel Garrison -  Libro -  1882

7. The reign of doctor Joseph Gaspard Roderick de Francia, In Paraguay [Texto impreso]: being an account of a six year's residence in that Republic from July, 1819 to May, 1825

Rengger, Johann Rudolf -  Libro -  1827

8. Reglamento que ha de servir de guía a las comisiones municipales y ayuntamientos para el impuesto de la contribución a la riqueza urbana [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1899

9. Descriptions of some species of fisches from the Peruvian Amazons [Texto impreso]

Güenther, Albert -  Libro -  1869

10. An account of the cruelties exercis'd by the Inquisition in Portugal [Texto impreso] . To which is added, a relation of the detention of Mr. Louis Ramé in the prisons of the Inquisition in the Kingdoms of Mexico and Spain, and of his happy deliverance

-  Libro -  1708

11. An account of the present state of the island of Puerto Rico [Texto impreso]

Flinter, George Dawson -  Libro -  1834

12. Message from the president of the United States, transmitting a treaty of peace betwem the United Stated and Spain, signed at the city of Paris, on december 10, 1898 [Texto impreso]

Estados Unidos -  Libro -  1899

13. The stranger in the tropics [Texto impreso] : being a hand book for Havana and guide book for travellers in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas : with descriptions of the principal objects of interest, suggestions to invalids (by a physician) hints for tours, and general directions for travellers

Tyng, C. D. -  Libro -  1868

14. Facts about Cuba [Texto impreso] : to the Congress of the United States of America now assembled : January, 1875

Aldama, Miguel de -  Libro -  1875

15. The Knockabout Club in Spain [Texto impreso]

Ober, Frederick A. -  Libro -  1889

16. Carta del Excmo. Señor Duque de Ciudad Rodrigo al Señor Embaxador de S. M. B. cerca del gobierno español [Texto impreso] : relativa á las causas que dieron márgen á que se destinasen tropas inglesas á las plazas de Cádiz y Cartagena y órden para su relevo

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley -  Libro -  1813

17. Was Aguinaldo right to have caused Bonifacio's death? [Texto impreso] = May katuwiran o wala si aguinaldo sa pagkakapabaril kay Bonifacio?

Santos, José P. -  Libro -  1933

18. General Aguinaldo and Philippine Politics [Texto impreso]

Clariño, José V. -  Libro -  1928

19. Contributions towards a grammar and dictionary of Quichua, the language of the Incas of Peru [Texto impreso]

Markham, Clements R. -  Libro -  1864

20. Cuba's great struggle for freedom [Texto impreso] : containing a complete record of spanish tyranny and oppression scenes of violence and bloodshed ...

Quesada, Gonzalo de -  Libro -  1898

21. America's battle for Cuba's freedom [Texto impreso] : containing a complete record of Spanish tyranny and opression scenes of violence and bloodshed : daring deeds of Cuban heroes and patriots ...

Quesada, Gonzalo de -  Libro -  1898

22. A modern Kipu from Cutusuma, Bolivia [Texto impreso]

Uhle, Max -  Libro -  1897

23. Report of the Secretary of Foreing Relations of the Republic of Guatemala, to the National Legislative Assembly, concerning the capture and death of General J. Martín Barrundia [Texto impreso]

Guatemala. Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores -  Libro -  1891

24. History of the war with México [Texto impreso]

Ladd, Horatio O. -  Libro -  1883

25. A review of the causes and consequences of the Mexican War [Texto impreso]

Jay, William -  Libro -  1849

26. A descriptive catalogue of the Venezuelan department at the Philadelphia International Exhibition, 1876 [Texto impreso]

Ernst, Adolfo -  Libro -  1876

27. Bombardment of Valparaiso [Texto impreso] : speech of the Spanish minister for foreing affairs : together with the diplomatic circulars, report of the Spanish admiral...

Bermúdez de Castro, Manuel -  Libro -  1866

28. Case of the Black Warrior and other violations of the rights of American citizens [Texto impreso] :

Libro -  1854

29. Papers presented to Parliament, by his Majesty's Command in explanation of the measures adopted by his Majesty's government, for giving effect to the act for the abolition of slavery throughout the British colonies. Parte III, 1836 [Texto impreso]

Libro -  1836

30. Mexican and Central American antiquities, calendar systems, and history [Texto impreso]

-  Libro -  1904

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